21st Century: Age of Enlightenment?

by Tom Wacaster

An increasing number of diluted and self-proclaimed philosophers have bought into the lie that modern man has finally reached the point where he no longer needs religion. Man is the sum and substance of all there is, and humanism has clothed itself in new garb and calls it “self-awareness.” The “God is dead” craze of the 1970’s seems to have found a new following among the millennials who have now declared this century, “the century of freedom and enlightenment.” When we speak of “millennials” we are talking about those born between 1980 and the early 2000’s. This would take in those between the ages of 18 and 34. This is the generation that was saturated with humanistic thinking throughout their formative years, on into high school, and finally confirmed and solidified in the institutions of higher learning. What the millennials mean by “freedom” is not what most of the post WWII “baby boomers” think when they hear the word. The “great generation” (those born in the early part of the last century) and the “baby boomers” take “freedom” to mean freedom from tyranny, suppression, and the domination of crazed dictators and the like. To a growing number of ‘millennials’ the word “freedom” means freedom “from” certain social norms and/or responsibility. This is precisely why so many millennial candidates running for political office on some kind of socialist platform are finding a wide following. The Royal Society of Arts has a new motto: “21st Century Enlightenment.” Unfortunately, the 21st century concept of “enlightenment” is nothing more than a rehash of humanism dressed up in new garments with a splash of cologne to make it smell a little better. Political correctness is run amuck, and the rush to avoid “offending” even the worst in society has paved the way for an “enlightenment” that is more like the centuries of the dark ages that ushered in the age of enlightenment of the 15th-18th centuries.

Until this new generation learns that truth is absolute and attainable, they will continue their trek into political, social, and moral ruin. If ever the love affair with socialism takes hold on this country this new generation will learn, too late, that they have opened up a can of worms and the proverbial Pandora’s Box that they will not be able to close; and where will Bernie Sanders be when the cat is out of the bag? What it all boils down to is this matter of truth.

Pilate asked, “What is truth?” Perhaps some of our Senate investigations of the past have been tempted to ask the same question. Now the CEO’s of corporate America are being called into question for their business ethics, and it seems as if they have been infected with a case of “I-do-not-recall-itis” [if I may be allowed to coin a new term]. Much of the dishonesty, lying and cover-up that has plagued our nation, especially in politics but not limited thereto, has put a damper on a desire to know the truth and/or the ability of some to tell the truth. It is a fact, however, that truth is truth, and all the lying and cover-up will not change a lie into truth. Political correctness, coupled with a “relativistic” approach to life’s moral, ethical, and spiritual issues may be popular in this 21st century, but it has an eroding effect upon the love for truth and the pursuit of the same in the lives of the average man. Are we really surprised to find corporate CEO’s who “cook the books” to make the company look good? For eight years we were told that moral integrity has nothing to do with job performance, and the Chief CEO in the political halls of America manifested a complete lack of respect for others while seeking his own self-gratification at the expense of the people whom he had been elected to serve. When called into question for ethical misconduct, the most influential man in government circles lied under oath, and although reprimanded for perjury, was never punished. The American people, fueled by the liberal media and political spin masters, were convinced that morals have no bearing upon job performance. So why should we be shocked when corporate America simply follows his example? Unfortunately this disrespect for the truth has been around since the creation of man. But by the same token, when disrespect for the truth infiltrates the very fabric and foundation of a society, self-destruction is not far away. It was noted by one historian that America’s greatness was to be found in her churches. While we in no way condone religious division, we recognize that the spiritual make up of our founding fathers played a large part in God’s providential blessings in the establishment of this nation and its preservation through the years. I wish I could say that only the political and business circles were infected with a large disregard for the truth, but such is not the case. The religious scandals that have rocked “Christendom” in the last twenty five years have opened the door of secrecy so that we are now getting a glimpse into the religious corruption that comes as a result of a lack of love for the truth. From Protestantism to Catholicism and the polluted “priesthood” of America’s religious leaders, it is quite evident that truth has fallen on hard times. Lies are told in the name of religion, the “people” are duped into believing a falsehood, and the truth, once again, suffers. Is it any wonder that some prominent theologians are declaring that truth is unattainable, and that even if attained, it is changing? The American people, due in part to gullibility and in part to ignorance, have bought this notion that truth is some mystic, far away, unreachable ideology, and have long since ceased the search for truth. We have left it up to the “preachers” to do the searching for us, and we act shocked when these “religious racketeers” take us to the cleaners. Dear reader, only the truth will make you free. Forget the dishonest political leaders, the hypocritical religious leaders, the unethical corporate leaders, and the failure of so many to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and get on with searching out the truth for yourself. Therein is freedom. Therein is life.

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