Has The World Gone Mad?

by Tom Wacaster (written in the early 2,000’s. If anything, things have gotten much worse)

In his book, A Jewish Conservative Looks At Pagan America, author Don Feder tells of an interesting incident that occurred many years ago. Emperor Joseph of Austro-Hungary was required to sit through a two-hour opening session of parliament. At the time the emperor was in his eighties. At the conclusion of the parliamentary session, the emperor shuffled to the podium and uttered one single sentence in Latin: Totus mondus stultizat. That is all he said. Translated the words mean, “The whole world is growing stupid.”  One brother has pointed out that if polls in America are to be believed, “the majority of Americans are growing stupid.” It seems that with every passing generation we are losing the ability to think clearly. I am not speaking of the inability to reason properly in such areas as math, language, and/or history, though I could provide you with numerous personal cases in which public figures and laborers seem to have lost the ability to think clearly and rationally in these areas. The most apparent evidence that we are “growing stupid” is seen in the realm of moral and ethical thinking. Perhaps the inability of our national leaders to think clearly and rationally can be seen in the stupid decisions that have been handed down by courts and judges. A recent case has been called to my attention by a conservative organization that seeks to combat the ACLU and other liberal organizations that are seeking to destroy our freedoms. In this landmark decision by a higher court a Navy Chaplin has been court marshaled for praying in the name of Jesus Christ. The courts have, in fact, made it a federal offense for any military religious worker to make any reference to Jesus Christ, not only in public services, but in his private counseling that might be considered an extension of his work as a Chaplin. In his book, Silence Can Be Sinful, Winford Claiborne has pointed out that the word “stupid” is never used in the King James Version of the Bible. For example, in Galatians 3:1 the KJV reads, “O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you, that you should not obey the truth?” The New English Bible reads, “O stupid Galatians.” But in the final analysis, is not he who plays the part of the fool demonstrating that he is, indeed, stupid? In less than 48 hours this year will be history. Depending upon whether you date this new century from January 1, 2000 or 2001, the past six or seven years have demonstrated an increasing stupidity on the part of Americans when it comes to their moral and ethical values. In only six years we have seen a shift in attitudes regarding homosexual marriages. Marriage in general is being considered “outmoded” and “outdated.” Euthanasia is being widely considered as an alternative to the so-called “drain” that the elderly and infirm put upon our society. Lying is widely practiced and even approved. Cold blooded murderers are plea bargaining and being released back into society in a matter of just a few years, if not months. Every time I pick up a copy of the Dallas Morning News I am astonished with the incredible stupidity of those who are writing letters to the editor.

I have been blessed to make a considerable number of mission trips over the past several years. I have visited Russia, India, Mexico, and Ethiopia, and some countries more than once. While much of the world demonstrates great wisdom in their desire to flee to God for refuge, it seems that we in America continue to demonstrate an increasing degree of foolishness in casting off God and trashing the only  moral code that can lead us out of this quagmire of moral stupidity. Perhaps you have heard of the two young Quakers who were discussing social and political issues in their day. One gentleman turned to the other and said something to the effect, “Sometimes I think the whole world has gone mad, except me and thee – and I have my doubts about thee.” Maybe that Quaker was wise beyond his years.

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