Details on the Minister’s Filing system

The Minister’s Filing system is several databases, all tied together to form an inter-relational database to help you track the books in your library and file away the location of poems, illustrations, quotes and sermon-seed ideas for easy retrieval in the future. The longer you preach, and the more books you read, your ability to recall the location of those things you would like to get your hands on is going to become increasingly difficult. I developed this program with the preacher in mind. Here are some of the major features of the program.

The Book database:

Register the books in your library giving each one a unique number. You can use the Dewey Decimal system or develop your own system of numbering.

The Sermon database:

This database allows you to track your sermons by subject, title, Biblical text, etc. You can also track where and when you preached a specific sermon and open a spreadsheet showing all the sermons you preach in a specific location.

Your File Cabinet:

This is the heart of the Minister’s Filing System. Here is where you file the location of that poem, illustration, sermon-seed, etc. for retrieval in the future. Make entries by subject, subtopic, title, etc. When you enter the book number in the appropriate field it will automatically provide you with the name and author of the book. Various search features allow you to look for an item you filed weeks, months, or even years ago.